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Product development

We are proven to be a successful partner in creating astonishing product. We believe great solutions are made out of stunning design and cutting-edge technology. We never compromise on the reliable and time-proven development methodologies that ensure successful, robust and scalable solutions

Web site creation

We’ll make sure your website looks fantastic on each platform by using elegant layouts and responsive design. We’ll customise each layout, test every element, and make sure everything is perfect before launch day. SEO, Analytics and precise user behaviour tracking will give your all the data to establish a successful marketing and sales strategy.

UX/UI design

We extend product design departments of the most innovative US and Europe based startups and established companies. We provide ongoing UI/UX design, remote staff augmentation and constant iterative design improvements. Our process is proven to be successful by the millions of users using our products on daily basis.

Digital Marketing/SEO

We will help you to develop unique and engaging digital marketing strategy and our SEO specialists will deliver you a way to draw organic traffic to your product and crush your competition.

Talk to us about your project

If you would like to share your idea or to find the best team to turn your idea to a source of revenue, let us know. We will meet you and guide you though the obstacles on the path to success. We are flexible and do the job in the way our clients find suitable for their needs, because your needs are our needs.

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Martin Kuvandzhiev


Martin is one of the co-founders of Bitcoin Gold. He has vast experience in iOS development, Swift lecturer in Software University, winner of NASA Space Apps Challenge Com

Bitcoin Gold
Co-Founder and Board Member
NASA Space Apps Challenge Competitions 2015
Winner as Leader of Porject “Valkirye”


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